FOC 2.0 is on the way!

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FOC 2.0 is on the way!

Not accepting new members at this time. Stay tuned!

FOC 2.0 is on the way!

Not accepting new members at this time. Stay tuned!

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Learning Social Skills is Tough - Teaching Them to Our Children Can be Even Tougher

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Most parents have these same thoughts. You are not alone. Your family just needs the right tools and assistance.

Whether your child is quiet and soft-spoken, wildly outspoken, or even a natural-born leader who just needs to know how to harness their talents, our Social Skills for Success Program will help you and them.

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How Does Your Child's Social Skills Measure Up?

Join Other Parents in Making a Family Transformation


"With hundreds of fun social skill lessons and activities, it's almost too easy. My children love the practical learning and are building lifetime habits in the process."
- Peter L.

peter lodenquai


"My family enjoys the live events while the group discussions remind me that I'm not alone. I'm grateful to find lessons reinforced by others so that my children don't just hear them from me."
- Katie S.

katie sahid


"Wow! It's wonderful to have experienced mentors provide practical suggestions, accountability, or just be a listening ear."
- Becca W.

becca weber

"It's still a struggle when it comes to 'real' conversations with people outside of my family, but I do feel more confident about it after this class."

"I have found that socializing in quarantine is hard. I have quite enjoyed FOC's Monday Funday and Oral Recitation and found that it is a good social platform for me to maintain social skills."

"My dad and I played the vocal variation game and we had lots of fun trying to imitate each profession or character."

"I like the videos portraying people who could actually speak with intonation and confidence. It was inspiring."

"I'm having a proud parent moment and wanted to share. recently created a 4-minute video and narrated it. Listening to her I was struck by how clear and engaging she was. I thought you might be interested as an example of how much she has picked up from your FOCus Class."

"This taught me a lot about how people perceive me."

"I wanted to share with you that just received an "A" on his oral presentation for school… I think this is largely due to FOC and the work that you are doing with the kids! I didn't necessarily think FOC would help (student) with his grades in school but it appears to be a side benefit! Thank you for all you do."

"When I did the name pronunciation exercise, I was surprised at the different pronunciations of names that I didn't know before or how I was completely wrong all along!"

"These are such good things to go over. is practicing how to introduce herself and say thank you and goodbye plus the person's name more and more."

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed yesterday's Oral Recitation. Not only is it fun to read silly poems and struggle through tongue twisters, but I have found that it really impacts my oral presentations at school. Before I joined FOC, my grade for 'oral presentation' was somewhere around 70/100%, about a grade 'C.' After participating in Oral Recitations on Thursdays, my teachers tell me my 'oral presentation' skill is above grade level. Thank you very much for helping me develop these life skills!"

"This has been a good but challenging class to go thru. is working on speaking more than one-word responses and drawing out more of herself and others. We are starting to practice 'volunteering' more and extending our answers to give more info, promote more interest, and continued conversation. (student) is working on greetings, intros, and proper closings and farewells. We are all more aware of these things now that we talked about them."

"Thank you so much! The content you developed is such a treasure! Even just 'volunteer an additional piece of information during a conversation' takes days, maybe weeks to master. My family still needs the time to build the habit for many new skills. I've read other books and have been to other trainings but what you came up with made the most sense. Your discussion and demonstration during class have been very helpful... I really hope after this FOCus session is over, we can sign up to go over the same class again. I feel we might need to do it two or three times to savor the content. We really appreciate what you do for the kids!"

"I found this class very helpful. I often find it hard to keep a conversation moving or to gracefully end a conversation, but your tips make a lot of sense. I hope I can use them naturally in future conversations. I also started a conversation notebook! Can't wait to fill it up!"

"I am immeasurably grateful for how you have impacted my life."

"Listening skill work has improved our relationship with our son and made it easier for him to quickly self-correct."

"The exercises were really helpful. I can see that my posture is improving already!"

"New Year's Eve was the 1st anniversary of my dad's passing. We went up to his grave to honor him. (student) read two prayers for us, and he did exceedingly well. Enunciated clearly, paused, and carried himself with grace befitting the moment."

"I loved all the fun games in this lesson!"

"The mirror 'minders help, since I find that reading is an effective way for me to learn."

"I enjoyed going over practicing introductions. I had never thought of showing how I can add value to the person I am introducing myself to. It felt like something I wouldn't usually do, but I realize that I can have that kind of mindset when meeting new people. Helps me view myself and others much better, and help develop more positive connections no matter how brief."

"(student) has shown huge improvement in maintaining conversation and always checking in with the listener. When the other person asks him a question, he follows up to ask the same question by saying 'How about you?'"

"I found the different ways to evaluate myself really helpful, and I think the results I got from narrowing things down made sense."

"Knowing how to do informational interviews can be very powerful. Based on my own experiences, knowing how to do good informational interviews can help you identify new opportunities either in other positions or other companies. It's a very important skill & tool to have."

"(student) learned a lot about herself as she identified skills and core values that are important to her. She also has gained practice and confidence in creating an elevator pitch and acceptance speech. She is learning that affirming and promoting herself graciously in front of others is a good thing. Again, this is helping her be more others-conscious vs. self-conscious."

"Super useful lessons and very engaging content presentation… I love the videos Win presented. They are clear, easy to follow, and with a good dose of fun. We love your lessons."

"I love the exercise on identifying the three qualities that you want others to perceive you. Sometimes we forget who we are, especially when beaten down by daily routines or social pressure. It takes that constant reminder from our inner voice of 'I am a confident person' or 'I am a kind person' or 'I am a fit and strong person' etc., to strengthen our identity. When we do, our bodies behave accordingly to make us appear that way. It's so easy to doubt ourselves sometimes under pressure, but with good habits in posture and use of gestures, it gives us a little more strength to say 'I am xxx' and be just that."

"Great class - very helpful for both my children."

"These are absolutely essential behaviors. We are very thankful for FOC resources."

"The reason I am emailing you is because without your teaching and wisdom, I could not have done this course. From the discussions to the assignments, the skills and concepts I learned in your classes and through FOC have helped me tremendously... I know I have said this many times before, but I do not hesitate to say it again: thank you!"

"Thank you again for your program... it is wonderful!"

"I'm very happy that Win has developed such a useful and engaging curriculum. I have been and will continue to recommend FOC to our friends."

"Being observant is a hard skill to learn and to teach, so I appreciate all the games and exercises in this lesson."

"We just wanted to share with you our game night experience we had on Friday night. We decided to play the Cores to Cores game over Zoom with the __________ family from FOCus Class. We had soo much fun! We laughed and got to know each other better!"

"Wow, these are worthwhile behaviors that I really need! Finding the right balance between being aggressive and passive is hard, and knowing how to decline offers or disagree is hard too. Looks like this class is for me! :DDD"

"These are worthwhile behaviors, since improving my listening will, in turn, improve the relationships with friends, family, and strangers. I am already a fairly good listener, as I can turn my full attention to the speaker and appropriately respond. FOC can give me valuable resources such as tips and helpful teaching to help me better remember the elements of true listening."

“Yes, these are certainly worthwhile behaviors! One thing that I would especially like to work more on is recognizing idioms. I sometimes do not realize people are using them since I am not as familiar with some English idioms. I am excited to explore idioms more!

“I am aware of my communication style... I realize it takes time, and it helps to practice and understand better the reasons why some choose to communicate in an assertive way... If it took me years, then I can be patient with my child as she learns these things (I wish I had learned at her age), becomes more self-aware, and eventually chooses to practice better communication styles!”

"This was a great lesson - very practical and good exercises."

"It is very helpful to enforce the importance of appropriate attire for teens from other trustworthy adults than parents. No matter how many times I told children to wear proper clothes in public, they won't listen until this class. Thank you."

Your Guide, Win Heggem "The Social Skills Lady"

"As a mom, I know that you love your children and want them to succeed; and it may not always be clear to you how to help them."

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40 Years Teaching/Coaching

  • English, Public Speaking (champion coach)
  • Etiquette (certified consultant)
  • Educated hundreds of parents
  • Trained thousands of students

An Educational and Comprehensive Membership Program

Complete Curriculum

Hours of video instruction for the whole family. Exercises, evaluations, games, reminders, drills, quizzes, and surveys for children from 9 to 90!

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Live Coaching

Weekly office hours with oral recitations/critiques, drills, coaching, parent counseling. Fun weekly group learning events for the whole family.


Caring Community

Connect with like-minded parents and children of good will. Moderated groups and forums on topics of interest. The word cloud below is only a sampling of the dialog we share.

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A Life-Changing Membership Program For You and Your Family

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Social skills, life skills, soft skills, EQ, people skills -- you've heard it called by many names. Foundations of Communications teaches these skills so that your child isn't just smart, but more likable, happy, and successful throughout life. Think of FOC as finishing school for the 21st century.

At FOC, we know you want to be a parent who feels confident about your child's future. Their future depends not only on academics, but on strong people skills. The problem is, most children, no matter how smart, lack social intelligence - even the brightest among them.

Over the last 40 years, Win Heggem has instructed thousands of students and coached hundreds of families. She has distilled her extensive experience into an online membership program that you and your family can access 24/7/365.

Common Questions

I don’t want your family or my team to waste time and energy if your participation isn’t going to have a happy ending. After working with thousands of students in person, online, at weekend camps, and at year-long classes, I’ve learned a lot about who can truly benefit from my instruction. Foundations of Communication is right for you if:

  • You know your child needs more than just "book smarts" to succeed in life: You recognize the growing body of science that shows their social skills and emotional intelligence (EQ) are probably more important to your child’s success than their IQ.
  • You want help with YOUR mission: You understand that teaching Social Skills for Success is primarily a parent’s responsibility and you’d like some help. I can’t do your job for you, but I sure can help you do it better (and easier)!

Foundations of Communication is NOT for you if:

  • You want a “quick fix”: I teach skills that you’ll want to instill as habits for a lifetime. That takes time, action, and practice. It will only work if you and your children do the work. If you are not willing to do the work to make a lasting change, please don’t join. I don’t ask a lot, but it will take effort on your part. There is no magic potion to transform anything without committed students and parents.
  • You aren’t willing to commit 1-2 hours a week: The course gives you unlimited access while you remain a member, so you can take it at your own pace. That said, I recommend spending at least 1-3 hours a week until you and your children master the skills you desire for yourself and for them.
  • You want your children to learn how to read, manipulate and use others exclusively for self-advancement: As a character-focused education program, I will teach you and your children how to be more authentic and genuinely likable. If you want your children to learn to be charismatically “slick,” we will both be sorely disappointed. Let’s not.

If you're still not sure, take the online EVALUATION to see for yourself. 😊

Foundations of Communication is much, much more than simply an online class. It's an entire blended e-learning program with plenty of opportunity for live interaction! We call it "screening with meaning."

Without a doubt, there will be an abundance of curriculum in a variety of formats (e.g., videos, games, exercises, reminders, etc.). Many families will find this sufficient and will use the material for their own home-based instruction plans. For committed families there is also active weekly coaching with office hours, online group events, FOCus Classes, and FOCus Teams dedicated to incorporating life skill habits in everyday living.

In addition, there is a wonderful community of like-minded families sharing their challenges and successes so that we can learn together.

The lessons are designed for people aged from 9 to 90 (actually, 9-19, but parents and grandparents can and should learn something here too).

Ultimately, the determination of the best age to begin is left to the parents' discretion. There are certainly mature 6-year olds for whom much of the teaching material is relevant. That will be up to you.

Many habits are strongly instilled by the age of 9 or 10. So, as with any life skill worth mastering, the earlier you start the better.

Sadly, research shows that modern families invest late when an earlier investment would pay greater dividends.

Having raised and homeschooled nine children, I understand how busy home life can get. That is one of the reasons I created Foundations of Communication. I wanted to make the lives of busy families (and busy parents in particular!) easier.

You'll be saving valuable time and resources because my team and I do all the topic research, consolidation, and lesson preparation for you. The activities have been designed to work into your normal daily routines. That way you won’t have to carve out special time exclusively for the exercises themselves. Every class is designed with Core lessons as well as an additional set of More lessons for those families that have the time and interest to delve more deeply into a topic.

Ultimately, the time investment you make with your children and family is up to you.

I anticipate that most families will dedicate 15 to 45 minutes each day working on the exercises provided, depending on the age and skill level of their children. The key is regularity. Some of the early adopter families are finding good success carving out one night a week for 30 minutes.

There will be many hours of training available inside the program. Lessons will be released in 10-20 minute weekly installments in the form of instructional videos. In addition, there will be recommended daily exercises to help you and your children focus on the life habits you want to adopt.

There is probably more material than you will want to cover for every one of your children. Think of the curriculum as a smorgasbord where you get to pick and choose the activities that you think will best reinforce the learning and cultivate the habits for your children. I recognize that different families have different amounts of time available and that can change from week to week. To help you choose what to cover, I am doing three things:

  1. You will notice that all the supplemental material is labeled as “Beginner,” “Everyone,” and “Intermediate Plus.” Use the materials that are most appropriate for your students and feel free to skip what is too advanced or too juvenile for your children.
  2. The curriculum is split into two categories: Core and More. My hope and expectation is that you will complete the appropriate Core curriculum for each student and then pick-and-choose from among the More materials as you see fit.
  3. As much as possible, I will try to provide exercise options that you can work into your regular family routines (e.g., mealtime, car trips, etc.).

The initial set of courses covers 15 classes that can be enrolled in no sooner than one class per week. We want to discourage students from trying to rush through the training because our objective is not head knowledge, retained long enough to get a good exam score. Instead, we want to help our families adopt new habits and new behaviors that will last, and serve them, for a lifetime.

After the first 15 classes, an expanding library of instruction and materials will be made available to you and your family. I hope that you will be an active participant with other families long enough for your children (and you too!) to achieve mastery in the life skills you desire to learn. So even though your participation may end after the first year, I want the life skills learned to last for your whole life.

No. The videos will not be delivered live, so you don’t need to participate on a strict schedule. The curriculum will be online and on-demand so that you can move at the pace you desire. That said, I will deliver the curriculum as frequently as weekly with the expectation that you will be doing the exercises in anticipation of the next lesson. If you need to take a breather, you can always catch up later. As the classes progress, you will be “partnered” with other families so that you can practice your newfound skills with other people and they with you. That being the case, I strongly recommend that for the duration of the 15 weeks of the three initial courses you maintain the weekly pace.

Many families work for a month or longer on each class. That is perfectly fine. This is not a sprint, but a marathon. Enjoy the journey and focus on your family's changed behavior.

When you complete the initial courses, there will be many more classes and training materials provided to the whole community. You can adopt the additional classes at the pace that best suits your household.

If you don’t see your question answered here, please go to my full FAQ page for more information.