Nobody loves our children as much as we do. We would do almost anything to help them grow up to be happy and successful. Learn 10 secrets to help your children on their way without losing your sanity in the process.

Secret #1: EQ > IQ

Secret #2: Technology Will Change Your Priorities

Secret #3: EQ Impacts Your Child's Academic Success

Secret #4: EQ Impacts Your Child's Social Success

Secret #5: EQ Impacts Your Child's Career Success

Secret #6: EQ Impacts Your Child's Life Success

Secret #7: You Can (and should) Train Your Children Younger Than You Think

Secret #8: Parents Are the Key to Their Children's Success

Secret #9: Success is Yours for the Taking

Secret #10: Social Skills for Success Can Help

With more than 40 fact and science-based citations, you'll find this eBook an indispensable guide in being a better parent.

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