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Christian homeschool families know the importance of not just being SOCIALLY DISTANT but also SOCIALLY PERSISTENT

Camp Communication 2020

offers a comprehensive overview of ALL

Stoa competitive speech events

Mrs. Win Heggem has refined and taught this curriculum in live venues for 20 years to hundreds of students, parents, and coaches.

WHO: for NEW first-time students, age 12-18, as well as helpful tips for RETURNING students who want to improve their standings. This is perfect for students who want to participate in competitive speaking or for those who need to build confidence as public speakers.

NOTE: Some speech clubs require that BOTH students AND THEIR PARENTS must be in attendance for this training to qualify your family for participation in their club. Please contact your Stoa club leaders to confirm their policies.

WHEN: Mon-Fri, June 8-12, 2020

WHERE: Online (details will be emailed to registrants)


  • Downloadable and printable Workbook Manuals
    • Outlines
    • Exercises
    • Checklists
    • Resources
  • Film footage and analysis
  • Guest alumni speakers
  • Daily assignments
  • Daily prizes 🎁💳
  • Additional Parent/Coach session

SCHEDULE: (all times referenced are Pacific Daylight Time)

  • Mon, June 8: Parent & Coach instruction (10-noon)
  • Tue-Thu, June 9-11: Class instruction (10-noon, 1-3 PM, & 3:30-4:30 PM)
  • Fri, June 12: Breakout sessions (optional - additional fees apply - details after this registration completed)


“All of my children have attended Win’s Camp Communication. They attended reluctantly, at first. Then Win worked her magic and had my nervous children volunteering to speak in front of the entire group. I was amazed! With engaging activities, heart-felt encouragement and humor, Win teaches students to love public speaking. Yes, they actually love it! Camp Communications was the first step in helping my children grow into effective communicators. It equipped them with valuable tools that have greatly benefited them in their academic, college admission & scholarship, and employment pursuits. These tools will benefit them their entire lives. When it comes to public speaking education, Win is simply the best, and Camp Communication is where it all begins. I highly recommend it!”
-- Shelley DeJager, Stoa National Speech Committee & Legacy Speech Club

“In an age of electronics, students who excel in verbal communication stand out in college and career interviews. Competitive speech trains students how to effectively present themselves in many different settings, and it transforms students to become confident communicators. Win Heggem, in her week-long Camp Communication speech camp, educates students and parents about the activity of competitive speech, explains how to get started in the different kinds of speech events, and engages all participants with entertaining activities. I consider this camp to be one of the best of its kind, giving students a head start in competitive speech. Prior to applying for membership in Legacy Speech Club, a student and his/her parent must attend a competitive speech camp; I highly recommend this one!”
-- Barb Lindsay, President of Legacy Speech Club



“Camp Communication Is amazing! Mrs. Heggem is a phenomenal coach who not only taught me to love public speaking, but continually challenged me to surpass my limits as well. I highly recommend camp for every young speaker – hands down!”
-- Isabella Chow, 2016 Stoa Apologetics Champion


Camp Communication 2020 is being offered online for the first time so it's more affordable than ever before! Sign up quickly at the bottom of this page while there is still availability.

$255 for your family's entire household - one login per family, please
(formerly $395 per student + $50 per parent)


  1. Speech coaches with no children participating in the league and who have at least 2 club families registered for Camp Communication 2020 are eligible for a discount. Email Mrs. Heggem ([email protected]) for details.
  2. All payments are non-refundable


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