Foundations of Communication vs. Winsome Speaking?

How does Life Skills For a Lifetime compare to Winsome Speaking's offerings?

I am often asked how FOC's Social Skills for Success program compares to my traditional camps and classes offered through Winsome Speaking (WS). I get the sense that some wonder the obvious, "Which one is better?"

Before I answer, I think of a parallel question: "Which is better, food or drink?" Both are necessary for life. One could even argue that they are complementary. So it is with FOC and the WS classes. They are mutually exclusive, complementary, and mutually beneficial. I anticipate that many families will participate in both.

I've assembled the following table to answer the likely questions you may have about both offerings. If you don't find your answer here or in the FAQ, please email my staff (form at the bottom of the page) and we'll try to satisfy your query ASAP.

foc vs win
LOCATION Onsite (usually in the SF Bay Area except by special arrangement) Online (available worldwide)
DURATION Camps and workshops are normally conducted for a week or weekend. Classes are held weekly for a school year. Many of the offerings are focused on competitive speaking events. You move forward at your own pace for as long as you want to receive the instruction and participate. The focus will be on life skills for a lifetime.
START DATE Camps and workshops are conducted each summer. Classes coincide with the school year starting in September. Whenever you are ready to start. How about now?
AVAILABILITY Limited availability, usually with a waiting list. Anyone may join at any time based on parental discretion.
PARTICIPANT AGE Depending on the class, recommended starting ages are either 10 or 13. Parents decide. The curriculum is designed with children between 10 and 19 but may be suitable for children as young as 6 with parental assistance. This is important since critical life habits are established by the age of 9 or 10.
CONTENT Limited based on the purpose and duration of the class, and the age of the participants. Usually limited to public speaking and sometimes exclusively competitive public speaking. Public speaking will be covered along with many other life skills such as etiquette, self-awareness, self-confidence, grooming, dressing for success. Even topics like assertive communication, negotiation, and dealing with bullying will be covered.
COMMUNITY The community is comprised of the participants in the classroom. Usually more homogeneous as far as age and culture. Class size is normally 12 students. The community is comprised of members of the FOC membership. Likely more diverse since participating families come from all over the United States and the world. I hope the community will grow to include thousands of families who can help you and your family experience cultural goodwill from across the planet.
INSTRUCTOR Win Heggem Win Heggem
MENTORS On occasion Win's former students will participate in camps and workshops to help the current students in smaller groups. Win will be available weekly for office hours. Additional, private mentor support can be arranged as necessary for an additional nominal fee.
SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS Primer: How to be heard and remembered Oodles of guides, surveys, checklists, worksheets, drills, quizzes, reminders, rubrics, etc. in conjunction with parental instruction on how to get the most out of the tools.
PRIZES & AWARDS "Tickets" are earned, issued and redeemed for prizes. There is monthly recognition and awards given for outstanding participation. Parents are guided and encouraged to establish additional incentives in their own households.
FAMILY PARTICIPATION Fee for each student plus a material fee for parent. Curriculum access for the whole household.
TIME & PLACE FLEXIBILITY Fixed date, time, and location Online, whenever you want, wherever you are
COST Typically $720 per student per year (class) $997 per household for the first year.
CURRICULUM FLEXIBILITY Fixed curriculum Curriculum flexible and influenced by the needs of participating families
GUARANTEE Sign up in advance for the whole year. No refunds. 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.