Sample Class - Listening 101

Learn the importance of listening, major obstacles to its mastery, and habits that will make you the person everyone wants to talk to.

At the conclusion of this sample class, your students will:

  1. have completed a self-assessment of their current listening skills
  2. identify their top “distractor” (e.g., screens, daydreaming, etc.) when trying to focus on a speaker
  3. be able to paraphrase the facts that a speaker is communicating
  4. be able to describe how the speaker is feeling (i.e., angry, frustrated, joyful, excited, surprised, worried, etc.)
  5. establish improvement goals and practice select listening habits for 30 days
  6. differentiate between a response that will continue a conversation versus one that will kill a conversation
  7. be able to create example responses after listening to a speaker, including:
    • a fact and feeling
    • a summary/paraphrase
    • an additional comment
    • a question that shows interest
    • a suggestion

This free class contains:

  • 5 Videos

  • 3 Games

  • 5 Exercises

  • 2 Evaluations

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