Here are some recent testimonials from parents who have participated in my teaching through Winsome Speaking and Foundations of Communication:


“Teach us how to love better”

“Thank you, Win!… This course has been one of the gentle, delightful ways that God is using to teach us how to love one another better.” — Cristina


“Inspired Me”

“Dear Win, thank you so much for loving our kids and sharing your love of speech with them. You inspired them… You also inspired me as a mom to hold the bar high and to love these children well… Thank you!” — Wendy


“encourage students to rise above mediocrity”

“Win, you have such a genuine passion for good communication, and to encourage students to rise above mediocrity.” — Christina


“more precious than gold!”

“Thank you for sharing your parenting experiences! They are more precious than gold!” — Lee


“Your teaching covers more than we expected”

“Communication is a life skill. Your teaching covers more than we expected for my children and me.” — Sophia


“I have personally learned some key skills”

“Thank you, Win, for being such a wonderful teacher to our kids! I have personally learned some key skills in teaching my own kids just by watching you!” — Susan


“you are such an inspirational teacher!”

“Dear Win, you are such an inspirational teacher! Your lessons are the result of years of experience, put together with humor and concrete points.” -Angela


“I leave this camp encouraged, inspired, hopeful, and transformed”

“Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents as a communicator, teacher & coach with all of us. I leave this camp encouraged, inspired, hopeful, and transformed by the many stories shared… I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much! Have you ever considered going into comedy?” -Lency


“you have always dazzled me”

“Win, you have always dazzled me with how well you connect with young people – it’s only gotten better!” – Karen


“I love all of the life skills that you teach”

“Thank you for teaching the children in such a creative and intriguing way. You’ve taught by example how to communicate well. I love all of the life skills that you teach, perhaps without even knowing it.” – Monica


“… benefit me the rest of my life!”

“Thank you, once again, for investing in my life by teaching me not only how to be heard and remembered but skills which will benefit me the rest of my life!” – Liese

20 out of 10

“20 out of 10!”

“20 out of 10!... The students get to practice communication concepts in Real Time as they video conference with each other, receiving meaningful teacher feedback as they dialogue between each other… The FOCus Teams are LOTS OF FUN!!!” – Peter L.

A thermometer with mercury bursting through the glass, and the words Confidence Level, symbolizing a positive attitude

“… fun and builds our confidence!”

“The accountability and encouragement from Win is so valuable, and relating with other kids who are learning the same skills is fun and builds our confidence!” – Katie


“… an awesome experience”

“… being part of a FOCus team is an awesome experience, and that it really helps sharpen the skills that we learn in classes.” – Joshua L.


“… you can be guaranteed progress”

“… you can be guaranteed progress as long as you put the effort in. It is not very demanding but quite beneficial at the same time.” – Isaac W.