The Courses

There is a way for you to help your children to be happier and more successful without losing your sanity in the process. You can if the process is Simple, Active, Fun, and Effective (I call it the S-A-F-E approach). That’s precisely what Foundations of Communications offers!

Class 1 – Know thyself – How people see you from the neck up – head, hair, and face

Class 2 – Know thyself – How people see you from the neck down – body language, posture, frame, gestures

Class 3 – Know others – Observation skills, Proxemics, and Objectics

Class 4 – Know how to connect, Part 1 – Sending messages and hitting our targets

Class 5 – Know how to connect, Part 2 – Meeting & greeting others

Class 6 – Know how you sound to others – vocal clarity

Class 7 – Vocal variation – sounding your best to others

Class 8 – People listening – observing what others sound like

Class 9 – Introductions

Class 10 – Conversation

Class 11 – Know what you have to offer – your best qualities

Class 12 – Know what you have to offer – your best abilities

Class 13 – Knowing others – discovering their top needs and interests

Class 14 – Your elevator speech & being interviewed

Class 15 – Being an interesting storyteller

And here’s just a sampling of other classes we are considering:

  • How to make small talk and make it count
  • Etiquette… anything less would be uncivilized
  • Be heard and remembered
  • Negotiation
  • Humor 101 - missing the mark here no laughing matter
  • Intimidation elimination - What do to with a bully?
  • Embarrassment - We shall overcome!
  • For Graduates - The Commencement Speech
  • A Demonstration (How-To) Speech

… the list goes on and on. My team has more than 100 concepts on our to-do list. The best part is that as a member of the FOC community, you’ll have direct input on selecting and suggesting classes! I look forward to hearing what topics are most important to you and your children.