Your Instructor

For more than 40 years now my life has been focused on education. Even as a little girl I wanted to be a teacher, well before graduating with an English Education degree, magna cum laude. My classroom focus turned homeward when my husband and I decided to homeschool our children. What a grand, daunting, and amazingly rewarding experience that was!

As our family grew, we quickly saw the importance of social skills as well as the need for critical thinking, and oral communication. Ever the teacher, I voraciously studied and made my own children (sorry kids!) my “lab rats.” 😉

In 2001 I expanded the “lab” when I launched CHAT, a speech club dedicated to helping students find their voices in a competitive environment.

In the ensuing years, CHAT became one of the country’s leading homeschool speech clubs, boasting hundreds of speech finalists and national champions. Through my primer publication, How to be Heard and Remembered, coupled with the classes, workshops, conferences, and camps I conducted across the country, I am privileged to have worked with thousands of students and so many parents too.

And though I have been called many times to consult and coach Silicon Valley executives, CEOs, and public officials, my heart always yearns for those who need me most – the parents of young families, and of course the children themselves.

My ongoing philosophy: the best teachers must keep learning themselves. I continue my own education so that I can continue to offer the best life skills education to you and your family. Most recently I became a certified etiquette consultant at The Etiquette Institute of St. Louis, MO.